Sketchy Wrestling: Royal Rumble 2017 Predictions


First Sketchy Wrestling episode of the new year! How about that!?!
The 2017 Royal Rumble is just around the corner, and boy do we have some speculations. We run down our predictions for this years Rumble and boy they are a doozy.

We also welcome back Bradley Jones from the What We Remember Podcast! You can check them out below!

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“Big Rock”
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Dixon & Altonbagger EP3: Dixon The End Of The Prequel Trilogy


Altonbagger wakes Dixon up in a recent emergency and a few bad calls.

In the car, we meet Morlock the ass play demon but after a bit of horse play, the boys run in to some trouble!

No soup for them and they go for a trip downtown and finally find out how the boys came to be on the Sketchy Nonsense network.

Sketchy Nonsense Podcast #9: The Message, Netflix & Rock Band 4


It’s 2017 and they SN boys are back! Welcome to the first podcast of the new year!
We start the show with our beer of the week. Nick brings us another selection from North Peak. This is called “Mellow” and it’s a Cherry Hibiscus beer. Very nice!
Shane kicks off the show with a few podcasts he has discovered recently. They are audio dramas called “The Message” and “Lif-e.Af/ter”. **SPOILER ALERT** at the 27:54 mark we do start talking about this show in great depth, and spoil many parts of it. If you want to experience the show for your self, we recommend skipping to 40:54 until you listen yourself.
Next Nick brings us the topic of, not just Netflix originals, but streaming services in general and how they are making things easier for cord cutters with great content.
Finally, Andy brings us his thoughts on rhythm games, specifically Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Plus a whole lot of outro goodness.
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“Rainbows”, “Upbeat Forever”

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Sketchy Nonsense Best Of 2016: A Podcast


What a way to close out the year. 2016 is over and it has wrecked havoc on everyone, but not us. The boys are here to talk about their year and the best parts about it. That’s right, folks, we’re handing out the Sketchy Awards!

Categories include:
Best Video Game
Best Movie
Best Podcast
Best Album
Best TV Show

And each of our own “custom” categories:
Best “Game you haven’t heard of” Award from Shane
The “Take my money” Award from Andy
Best “Mixed Drink” from Nick

Here is that link to Nicks favorite Comedy Bang Bang! Episode:

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Thanks again to everyone who joined us this year. We have a lot of content prepared for 2017, and we are very excited to share it with you.

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Sketchy Nonsense Podcast #8: Early Access Games, Playstation VR & Westworld

The Sketchy Nonsense crew is back with a BRAND NEW episode of the Sketchy Nonsense Podcast! We’ve got everything you could possibly want! We’ve got Beer of Week, courtesy of Aldi? You’re damn right!

Nick talks about Early Access games, including a love letter to Day Z. A truly touching moment that can’t be missed.

Shane talks about his new found love of VIRTUAL REALITY through the Playstation VR Headset.

Andy brings to the table this little indie show that you probably have’t heard of…WESTWORLD! The big new hit from HBO, and he only spoils it a little bit!

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Sketchy Wrestling: Roadblock End Of The Line Predictions

Welcome, everyone to the Sketchy Wrestling Podcast! We are back to give you our picks for WWE Roadblock: End of the Line.

It’s the last PPV of the year. Will it send us out on a high note? (Spoilers: Probably not)

We go over every match announced as of recording time. If anything was added after the fact, it doesn’t count into our pick’em game.

And we are also joined by the very sophisticated AI Rando Cabbage, who gives us his (?) picks, based upon all sorts of fancy science or whatever.

It’s a fun show as always, give it a listen and please share with your friends!

Sketchy Nonsense Sketchy Wrestling Podcast Presents: TLC Recap 2016

Part two of our TLC Podcast!

The boys are back in town! To give you their wrap up of the TLC PPV last Sunday! We go over each match and give our thoughts, as well as who won our little wager we placed. Spoilers, It was Shane.

What did you think about TLC? Let us know!

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