Sketchy Wrestling Podcast Presents: LIVE WWE Clash of Champions Commentary

Welcome to Part 2 of our WWE Clash of Champions coverage! Listen to our LIVE thoughts, as they happen in real time. And, some of those thoughts are ACTUALLY about the wrestling! Come listen to our slow decent into madness. It’s a hell of a ride, we promise.


The Sketchy Nonsense Podcast is live!

We are happy to present the Sketchy Nonsense Podcast.

As of now, we’ve got 3 episodes available.

First, is the inaugural edition of the Sketchy Nonsense Fantasy Wrestling League.  Listen as the Sketchy Nonsense Crew make their picks for this season’s fantasy wrestling league from  Hear as we slowly start to hate each other as we steal picks right out from under each other.  And our opinions on Ska?  Sure, why not!

Next, we give our thoughts on WWE SummerSlam 2016.Come listen to the Sketchy Nonsense crew discuss the in’s and out’s of WWE SummerSlam 2016! Our opinions on all the matches, and some talk about CM Punk, SKA MUSIC. as well as…Nick wants a bidet? You’ll have to listen to find out what THAT means!

And last, we have the first edition in what will be a long running series, Dixon and Altonbagger, following two fellow unemployed Sportscasters trying to figure out their lives and what to do next.

A very unique podcast, we assure you.


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