pexels-photo-105017.jpegBeer of the Week

Every episode starts with a  segment very creatively called Beer of the Week. We each try a beer that we, usually, have never had before and give our thoughts on it. If you have a beer that you want us to try, let us know by signing up for the third tier on our Patreon page! You can check out all the previous BotW beers here.

WlE5yby5Sketchy Nonsense Podcast

Our Magnum Opus! This is our flagship podcast. The show starts with our usual Beer of the Week segment. Then we dive into the meat of it. Each of us brings a topic to the table; whether it be a game, movie, current event, app, podcast, you name it. The show then becomes a general discussion about these topics, sometimes its funny, other times its serious. At the end we have a rarely heard segment where we answer any questions that have come our way. Feel free to submit all questions or comments here.

ferrishanesoules_v2_1024The Sketchy Wrestling Podcast

The boys don’t really care for sports, but one thing they do enjoy, is a little Sports Entertainment. Each episode of the Sketchy Wrestling Podcast follows one of two formats: Predictions or Recap. During the predictions show, we talk about an upcoming WWE Pay-per-view, go match by match, and predict who we think is going to win. Also, we play a little gambling game out of it too. The way it works is simple. For each match, we pick who we think will win. Then, we wager points ranging from 1 to x (x=however many matches there are in the night). If you predict correct, you get those points. The person with the most points at the end of the night wins! We have even “programmed” a “WWE Match Predictor” to predict matches with “90%” accuracy. He is aptly named Macho Man Rando Cabbage. After the PPV is over, we get together again and do a recap show, where we go match by match and talk about the show. Simple enough! If you want to chime in on a show or want our input on something, feel free to email us here.

pexels-photoWretro Wrestling Podcast

Remember that time when that one guy did that one thing? Crazy, right? That’s what we like to do here on Wretro Wrestling. Our resident wrestling expert, Shane, gives us an old Pay-per-view to watch, whether it be a great show or a dumpster fire, we go back and watch it. Then we have an in depth discussion on what we saw. If you follow us on Twitter, we post the name of the PPV that we are going to watch next, so follow along! If you want to give us a PPV to watch, you can sign up here.

sketchygamingSketchy Gaming Club

If Oprah can have a book club, we sure as hell can have a game club. The game club is exactly how it sounds. We pick a game off the shelf, dust it off, and each do a play through. Most of the time these are long single player games. Sometimes though, we just want to play a couch co-op game and talk about it. These are called Quickies, and we will stream these on our Twitch Channel.

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